DESIGN UPGRADE – refinement options

There are several variations in the methods used to refine colour cosmetics. These raise the individuality and recognition factors of a product, at the same time they create an optical highlight.

We offer the following possibilities as regards powder:

Embossing: handmade tools enable a new freedom of form and surface design. Whether level with the pan’s edge or raised above it, the fine balance of pressure gives it the necessary firmness and very special rub-off/wear qualities. It is child’s play to make patterns and place logos with this technique.

Fabric embossing: from a wide choice of various types of fabrics, many differing embossed effects and surfaces can be achieved.

Laser engraving: only by laser can powder forms be created so effortlessly and so precisely. This technology is especially suitable for filigree decoration.

Multi-colour pressing: combine two or more powder colours, and achieve a product with eye-catching statement.

Back-injection: the process of powder injection from the reverse side (BIP) gives eyeshadows an especially creamy rub-off/wear quality, which assures soft application and good cover. Another advantage is that up to 5 colours can be injected at the same time.

For the design-upgrade of your sticks, the following possibilities are available:

Soft Mold Technology: a cosmetic stick becomes a precision tool through tip variations and different diameters. Whether lips, eyes, or face, the area of application determines the correct form of the stick because firmness, the abrasive surface, and the colour intensity of the product are decisive. This soft mould technology has opened up new possibilities in modelling cosmetic sticks. Whether you would like to add a logo, change the design or profit from superb surfaces – soft mold technology is the ideal choice for you, a perfect way of achieving instant brand recognition.

We are happy to explain and inform you about the many possibilities.