It is our goal to always and consistently provide you with high quality products and services, attractive lead times and reliable delivery performance. As a reliable business partner we have initiated some processes to further support you and your business development:

  • Increase of capacities in production and assembling
  • Installation of a new warehouse and supply chain management system
  • Improvement of supply chain control and planning

In particular we are happy to announce that on 1st May 2018 we took over Prodak Kosmetik.

Prodak Kosmetik, located in Walbrzych in Poland, is a traditional, leading filler and assembler of coloured cosmetics. The company was founded 20 years ago and developed into a leading assembler in Europe in close partnership with a competitor. They consistently commit to premium quality and customer service as well as short and reliable lead times. Since the 1st July Prodak Kosmetik is rebranded into Oxygen Development Europe Poland (abbr. ODEP).

With this acquisition CARE_FULL COLOURS is pursuing a path of increasing its product and service portfolio relating to assembly and therefore raising its overall capacities and flexibility.

We are planning the transfer of packaging materials to ODEP’s state-of-the-art warehouse and will in future stock your packaging materials there too covered by comprehensive insurance protection. Besides warehousing, we will also carry out order-related picking and logistics at ODEP. Production and filling of your products remain unchanged.

As part of its growth strategy, Oxygen Development announces the takeover of majority shares in the Germany-based CARE_FULL COLOURS Kosmetik Produktions GmbH as of 01 September 2015.

Oxygen Development is a leading private label manufacturer and service provider for colour cosmetics, skin and hair care products. The U.S. Company is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. Since year 2000 in the industry, Oxygen has currently more than 650 employees. It works in close partnership with several globally prominent brands. Oxygen’s business has evolved by focusing on outstanding innovative products, quality and superior customer service – a recipe for success, which allowed Oxygen to invest in new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Its extensive production capacity in colour cosmetics supports the company’s successful growth strategy.

CARE_FULL COLOURS Kosmetik Produktions GmbH is a traditional, leading private label manufacturer of colour cosmetics based in Burgwedel, Germany. The company was established in 1975 by the American company Cosmolab. After Mr Kurt Pilchowski took over CARE_FULL COLOURS in 1990, business developed considerably and the company became an important partner to various European cosmetic companies. This success is based on a strong background in technology, a focus on offering first-class product quality and customer service, as well as the dedication to expedite the time to market.

As part of its growth strategy, Oxygen Development announced the takeover of majority shares in the Germany-based CARE_FULL COLOURS Kosmetik Produktions GmbH as of 01 September 2015.

With CARE_FULL COLOURS, Oxygen Development aims at adding continuity to existing, long-term business partnerships with current customers of CARE_FULL COLOURS. In addition, it focuses on expanding with its product portfolio to Europe and providing local production capacities for nearly all of its existing products. German-made technology and development, certified production, superior quality and service, experienced and qualified staff merge with the competencies Oxygen Development gained over time.

Oxygen Development’s product portfolio is complemented by the vast product ranges of outstanding formulas and technologies such as back-injection powders and laser engraving. One such significant addition to the portfolio of Oxygen Developments products are cosmetic mechanical pens and pencils, a challenging and specialized technology high in demand for its convenient application and superior performance in the growing segment of lining. CARE_FULL COLOURS contributes advanced R&D and product expertise in natural cosmetics to Oxygen Development, a sustainable, worldwide hyper trend set to stay and evolve in the cosmetics industry.

It is our and Mr Kurt Pilchowski’s goal to give continuity to the business he has established since 1990. As such, Mr Pilchowski will continue to support our business partners, staff, and Oxygen Development as senior advisor.

Oxygen Development was pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Stefano Castelletti as Managing Director of CARE_FULL COLOURS. With his vast experience and expertise, Mr Castelletti is a well-known and well-respected business partner in the cosmetics industry. In his role, he is responsible for worldwide Marketing & Sales and he is a pillar for Oxygen Development’s business and organizational development. Together with the authorized representative of CARE_FULL COLOURS, Ms Lilli Deising, Mr Castelletti is happy to answer any questions you may have.