May 22

Again certification of „higher level“

IFS – Household and Personal Care Products (IFS-HPC)

Since 2014 CARE_FULL COLOURS proofs a consistent quality policy by an annual certification according to IFS-HPC. This standard combines the essential elements of ISO 9001, GMP and risk management and as superior standard of quality, it is demanded increasingly by retail chains and brands.

Since the beginning of these efforts CARE_FULL COLOURS reached three times in a row (2014, 2015 and 2016) the standard on “higher level”.

This year’s audit has been performed under the new guidelines of IFS-HPC Standard Version 2, with a new adapted scoring system and restructuring of now 237 requirements.

CARE_FULL COLOURS convinced here as well and achieved also in 2017 and under new guidelines of IFS-HPC Standard Version 2 the certification of “higher level” of standard.

We stay committed to this high level of product safety and quality. We will keep going for you!